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CLI Setup

Currently, Retina CLI supports Linux, Windows, and MacOS on x86_64 and ARM64 platforms.

For CLI usage, see Capture with Retina CLI.

Option 1: Install using Krew

Retina CLI is available as a Krew plugin! To install it, run:

kubectl krew install retina

Option 2: Download the binary from the latest release on GitHub

Download the kubectl-retina package for your platform from the latest Retina release.

Option 2: Build from source

Building the CLI requires go1.21 or greater.

To build the CLI simply and quickly with Go:

go build -o bin/kubectl-retina cli/main.go

The release pipeline uses GoReleaser, which is the recommended way to build the CLI.

To build the CLI with GoReleaser:

goreleaser build --snapshot --clean [--single-target]

Note: --single-target is optional and can be used to build for the current platform only. Omit it to cross-compile for all supported platforms.